Camera Blog sites
Posted 5-20-'17


1.     35hunter — Dan talks technique and gear, and shares his work.

2.     52 Rolls — A group blog from photographers who commit to shooting one roll of film a week for a year. Every year the crop of photographers changes.

3.     Alex Luyckx — A dedicated film photographer shares his work.

4.     All My Cameras – Christoph in Germany and his growing collection. In German and in English.

5.     Analog Anecdotes — Film photography, from the photographer’s Minoltas.

6.     Awesome Cameras — Couldn’t tell you who writes this, and the blog doesn’t take comments (note to author: wish you would), but he/she does some nice work

7.     Best in Black and White — The official Ilford blog, with lots of shots on Ilford films from photographers everywhere.

8.     Between light and shadow, a borderline — Roy shares what he’s learned about film photography and shows us his work.

9.     Blatherskite — Moni writes about many things, but mostly about film photography.

10. Broken Camera.Club — Mostly reviews of mostly obscure gear.

11. burnt embers — “ehpem” has shot less digital and more film since 2013, and this blog reflects that.

12. Camera Legend — Sam collects legendary cameras and writes about using them.

13. Canny Cameras — Gear reviews and photographs. This site explained why the Lomography 110 film I use sometimes leaves light spots on some images. A tip of the hat for that.

14. Captured by Film — Frequent postings of film images.

15. Casual Photophile — This site written by James and his crew sets the Internet standard for vintage gear reviews. Excellent writing, excellent images, great cameras. Highly recommended.

16. Curating Cuteness — Katie shoots film with a small stable of cameras and posts images nearly every day.

17. Daniel J. Schneider — Daniel posts gear and film reviews, as well as writes about his photographic journey.

18. Emulsive — A blog that aims to prove that film photography isn’t hard.

19. Exploratorius — Mitch shoots both film and digital, and teaches post-processing technique.

20. Film Advance — Gary shares images from his eclectic collection of film cameras.

21. Filmosaur — A Luddite not opposed to technology, if that makes sense.

22. Film Photography Blog — A straightforwardly named blog from the Film Shooters Collective.

23. Film Photography Project — You gotta include the blog of the FPP gang.

24. Fogdog Blog — John and his Nikons and his Pentaxes and the northern California coast.

25. For the easily distracted… — Rhianne in the UK shoots film, and lots of it.

26. I Still Shoot Film – A group blog about all things film.

27. Jeanne Yang Photography — Lots of 35mm film passes through Jeanne’s cameras.

28. John’s Cameras — As the title suggests.

29. Kevin the Photographer — Film photographs, technique, and processing.

30. Little Black Star – Eric likes expired medium-format film and Polaroid pack film.

31. Neil Kesterson’s Photo Blog — A lifelong journey in film.

32. North East Liberties — Michael shares scenes from the region of Northern Ireland his blog is named after. His specialty is printing.

33. Photobooth Journal — I suppose these are mostly film images, but I know that all of them are from photo booths. Katherine has built a fascinating collection of such photos, old and new.

34. Photography and Vintage Cameras – Mike does great work with his old cameras, especially in black and white.

35. Ramblings from the Carrot Room — SilverFox moved from the UK to the US and records his life on film.

36. Random Camera Blog – Mark shoots frequently with his old cameras and shares the results here.

37. Photo-Analogue – Nicholas shares photos from his 20 film cameras and discusses tech and technique.

38. Seeing Wide — Photo walks and street photography, on film.

39. Shelly Sometimes — Shelly is a photographer and graphic designer who favors film.

40. Shimmering Grains — Marie’s film images. Based in Sweden but written in English.

41. Short Stories — Gerald in the UK and his black-and-whites. Often with interesting stories to tell about them, hence the title.

42. shot on film — New images from old cameras.

43. Slow Photography — Film photographs from simple vintage cameras.

44. Straight, No Chaser — Derek fixes up old cameras and makes them sing again.

45. the6millionpman — Lots of medium format.

46. The Resurrected Camera — Joe explores and discovers with his old film cameras.

47. Urban Hafner Photography — Software developer by day, film photographer when he can find a moment.

48. Utah Film Photography — Vintage gear photographs and reviews.

49. Zorki Photo — Stephen dispels the myths about film: that it’s too hard and too expensive.