Canon Point and Shoot Models
Posted 4-23-'05 / 12-26-'09

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Canon Point and Shoot models


 Canon AF35 M II / Autoboy 2

Canon AF 35 ML

 Canon MC

 Canon MC 10

Canon WP-1
(Water Proof)


 Canon AF 35 M

 Canon Snappy 50 / 20


 Canon Snappy WT / Prima BF-80 - new

Canon Top Shot / Sure Shot Supreme

Canon Sure Shot esprit / Prima Mini

Canon Sure Shot Tele / Top Twin

Canon Sure Shot Ace / PRIMA Shot

Sure Shot Ace Languages
Canon Sure Shot Zoom XL

Canon Sure Shot TELE Max

Canon Sure Shot Multi Tele / PRIMA Tele



Canon Sure Shot Prima twin

 Canon ELPH 370Z

Canon Sure Shot / Prima Tele

Canon Demi

Canon Demi C

Canon Demi EE17


Canon ELPH LT 260 / IXUS Z50

Canon ELPH jr. IXUS L-1

Canon ELPH 10 / IXUS AF-S

Other Languages


Canon ELPH LT / IXUS M-1

Canon SureShot A1 / PRIMA AS-1

Canon Snappy LX PRIMA BF

Different version of LX PRIMA BF

Canon Sure-Shot 60 Zoom / PRIMA ZoomShot

Canon SureShot 85 zoom / Canon Primas Zoom 85

 Canon  Snappy S

Canon C30 Canomatic


Canon Photura 135

Canon Sureshot Zoom S

Other Languages

Canon Photura

Canon Sure Shot Zoom Max

Other Languages

Canon Sure Shot 105 Zoom / PRIMA Super 105

Other Languages -1 French
Other Languages - 2 French
Other Languages - 3 German

Canon Sure Shot PRIMA BF Twin
Canon Sure Shot 80 Tele

Canon Sure Shot Classic 120 / Canon PRIMA Super 120

Canon ELPH Sport / IXUS X-1

Canon SureShot Z70W PT. 1 and  PT. 2

Canon Sure Shot Zoom XL

Other Languages

Canon Sure shot OWL / Canon PRIMA AF-8
First part of PDF   -  Second part of PDF

Canon Sure Shot Owl / Sure Shot AF-7

Canon Sure Shot AF35M II
Canon Sure Shot / Quartz Date
Canon Autoboy 2

Canon Sure Shot Max

Other Languages