Chinon AP600s / 300s

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(webmaster: I received both cameras with the same booklet.  Cameras were identical except for the AF statement on the camera body of the AP600s

1. Fill-in flash button
2. Self timer/Red-eye reduction light
3. Viewfinder window
4. Print Aspect Ratio (PAR) select switch
5. Auto exposure sensor
6. Shutter release button
7. Film dour latch
8. Wrist strap attachment point
9. Lens/Lens cover
10. Lens cover release/Power switch
11. Built-in flash
12. Viewfinder eyepiece
13. Flash ready indicator
14. Battery chamber door
15. Battery chamber door latch
16. Tripod socket
17. Self-timer button
18. Mid-roll rewind button
19. Film counter
20. Film
21. Auto-focus sensors/Sensor windows

Safe use of Camera Attaching the strap Loading battery Loading film
Camera operation Taking pictures Unloading film Automatic Flash
Print Aspect Ratio Fill in flash/self timer Auto Focus Film cartridge  
Film exposure cartridge

Trouble Shooting

Flash "ready" indicator doesn't light:

Auto battery power saving may be in operation. Press shutter release, self-timer or the lens cover switch to reactivate flash charging.
Battery may be exhausted, inserted incorrectly, or missing.
Battery contacts may be dirty, clean them with a pencil eraser.

Blank or dark pictures:

Too far from your subject for flash pictures.
Covering the lens or flash with your fingers.
Film door was accidentally

Bright over exposed pictures:

Using flash too close to your subject
Using 400 ISO film in very bright sunlight

Blurred pictures:

Standing too close to your subject
Not holding the camera steadily
Moving the camera while taking the picture.
Fixed focus has been set incorrectly.

Shutter release button doesn't work:
Lens cover closed. 
Battery may be exhausted, inserted incorrectly, or missing. 
Battery contacts may be dirty, clean them with a pencil eraser.

Caring for your camera NEVER apply any cleaning liquid direct onto camera, always apply to cloth first Do not use solvents, alcohol or abrasives to clean the camera


Type: Advanced Photo System motorized camera with with and C selectable Print Print Ratios.

Film: Advanced Photo System cartridge film.

Lens: 24mm, F4.5 Glass lens.

Focusing: Two steps infrared system auto focus.

Focusing range: 0.8m to infinity.

Shutter: Electronic programmed shutter EV100 - EV/ISO 200.

Film speed: ISO 100 and ISO 200 (ISO 400 useable).

Photograph modes: 

1. Auto flash mode

2. Fill-in flash mode.

3. Self-timer mode - 10 seconds delay

4. Continuous shooting mode.

Viewfinder: Bright frame viewfinder with H. P and C interchangeable frames.

Picture area: over 75%

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