Replacement batteries for Chinon cameras
(This is from the Duracell book  and home page- not responsible for typing errors or their mistakes)

Simple Code - a battery with an "A" usually means it's Alkaline, an "S" is silver an "L" or "DR" is Lithium.  Lithium batteries last longer but are more expensive so you have to determine how much you use your camera and flash (built in flashes use the camera battery)
See bottom of page for more equivalent batteries - Many are the same!

Duracell type Eveready  Panasonic Kodak
35ADX   Standard "AAA"   Any "AAA"   Any "AAA"  Any "AAA"
35AFP, 35AFPII, 35AFP super, 35 Black Range Finder, 35EE Black Range Finder
Standard "AA"   SAME  SAME   SAME
35F Standard "AA"   SAME   SAME   SAME
35FII Standard "AAA"   Any "AAA"   Any "AAA"  Any "AAA"
35AF, 35AF II, 35AF Flash II Standard "AA"   SAME   SAME   SAME
35FM Standard "AA" & 1 - PX76A/675A  "AA" & A76  "AA" & MR44, LR44  "AA" & KX675, KA76
35MA, 35FS Standard "AA"   SAME   SAME  SAME
35FS II, 35FSA
Standard "AAA"   Any "AAA"   Any "AAA"   Any "AAA"
35FEE Compact, 35, 35EE
Standard "AA" & 1 - PX76A/675A  "AA" & A76   "AA" & MR44, LR44  "AA" & KX675, KA76
Standard "AAA"   Any "AAA"   Any "AAA"   Any "AAA"
Standard "AA"   SAME   SAME   SAME
35-MAF, 35-MAFP
DL245  EL2CR5  2CR5M  KL2CR5v
Standard "AAA"   Any "AAA"   Any "AAA"   Any "AAA"
35-TWP, 35-TWP-AF
DL123A  EL123AP  CR123A  K123LA
50MM 17 AF
Standard "AAA"   Any "AAA"   Any "AAA"   Any "AAA"
357Z, 357Z Date, 358RZ
DL245  EL2CR5  2CR5M  KL2CR5
DL123A  EL123AP  CR123A  K123LA
Standard "AAA"   Any "AAA"   Any "AAA"   Any "AAA"
Active 35   Standard "AA"   SAME   SAME   SAME
MS76  EPX76  SP76  KS76
Standard "AA"   SAME   SAME   SAME
AM-3 AM-3X
MS76  EPX76  SP76  KS76
Auto GL, Auto GLX, Auto GX
Standard "AA"   SAME   SAME   SAME
Auto 1001, 1001 Date, 2001, 2001AD
DL223A  EL223AP  CR-P2  K223LA
Auto 3001, 3001 Date, 3501, 3501 Date, 4001, 4001 Date, 5001, 5001 Date, 5501, 6001, 6001 Date
DL245  EL2CR5  2CR5M  KL2CR5
Auto : GL-AF, GL-AF Date, GL-S, GS-S Date
DL123A  EL123AP  CR123A  K123LA
Autofocus Zoom lens 
50mm & 35 -70mm
Standard "AAA"  Any "AAA"  Any "AAA"   Any "AAA"
MS76  EPX76  SP76  KS76
Belami: AF, AF Date
DL123A  EL123AP  CR123A  K123LA
CA- 4
MS76  EPX76  SP76  KS76
PX28A or 1- PX28L  A544 or 
 4LR44 or
 K28A or
MS76  EPX76 SP76  KS76 
CE-4, CE- 4S
MS76 EPX76  SP76  KS76 
CE-5, CG-5, CM-1, CM-2, CM-3, CM-4, CM-4S, CM-5
MS76 EPX76  SP76  KS76 
CP-5, CP-5S, CP-6
Standard "AAA"    Any "AAA"   Any "AAA"   Any "AAA"
DL245  EL2CR5  2CR5M  KL2CR5
CP-7M, CP-9AF   4 - Standard "AA" or 
1 - 2CR-5 (6V)
Any "AA"   Any "AA"   Any "AA"
MS76  EPX76 SP76  KS76 
CS (it uses PX13 mercury battery) See below for important information.
PX76A/625A  A76   KX625, KA76
MS76  EPX76 SP76  KS76 
CX II (it uses PX13 mercury battery) See below for important information.
   KX625, KA76

CHINON CAMERA MAKE   Duracell  Eveready  Panasonic Kodak
 Databack   Stardard "9V" Stardard "9V" Stardard "9V" Stardard "9V"
 Deluxe 110 Pocket   Standard "AA"  Any "AA"  Any "AA"  Any "AA"
 DP-5   Standard "AAA"  Any "AAA"  Any "AAA"  Any "AAA"
 DLS (listed on none of the battery books - had to find a manual)    MS76 (SR44)  EPX76  SP76  KS76
 FMX, FX   DL123A EL123AP CR123A K123LA
 FX-TM   Standard "AA"  Any "AA"  Any "AA"  Any "AA"
 FX-IV   DL123A  EL123AP  CR123A  K123LA
 Standard "AA"  Any "AA"  Any "AA"  Any "AA"
 Genesis: AD, II, II/AD, III, III/AD, IV, IV/AD
DL245   EL2CR5  2CR5M  KL2CR5
 DL245   EL2CR5  2CR5M  KL2CR5
Standard "AA"   Any "AA"  Any "AA"  Any "AA"
 GS-8, GS-9, GS-135
 DL245   EL2CR5  2CR5M  KL2CR5
 GX-Tele  2  Standard "AA"  Any "AA"  Any "AA"  Any "AA"
 Handy Zoom: 5001, 5001 Date
 DL245  EL2CR5  2CR5M  KL2CR5
 Infoback: DB-010, II DP-520
 Standard "9v"  Any "9v" Any "9v"  Any "9v" 
 Infoback-3   Sanyo (CR-1/3N) DL-1/3N (brand?) 2L76BP (brand?)
 Lightmatic 110
 Standard "AAA"  Any "AAA"  Any "AAA"  Any "AAA"
 DL245   EL2CR5  2CR5M  KL2CR5
 PX28A or 
 A544 or 
 4LR44 or
 K28A or
 Micro 35EF
 Standard "AAA"   Any "AAA"   Any "AAA"   Any "AAA"
 DL123A  EL123AP  CR123A  K123LA
 Pocket dual: AF, Panorama, AF-P,  AF-P/AD, P, P/AD, Panorama
 DL123A  EL123AP  CR123A  K123LA
 Pocketpak flash II
 Standard "AA"  Any "AA"  Any "AA"  Any "AA"
 Pocket Zoom
 DL123A  EL123AP  CR123A  K123LA
 Pocket Zoom: AD, 70 M-AF, 70 M-AF/AD    DL123A  EL123AP  CR123A  K123LA
 Power winder: PW-40, PW-510, PW-530, PW-540, PW-600, PW-610  4 Standard "AA"  Any "AA"  Any "AA" Any "AA"
 Promaster Zoom 70
 DL245  EL2CR5  2CR5M  KL2CR5
 PX625A  - - - - - -  - - - - -   KX625
 Splash: AF, GX, Tele
 Standard "AA"  Any "AA"  Any "AA"  Any "AA"
 MS76   EPX76  SP76  KS76
 Time/Date Backs
 MS76   EPX76  SP76  KS76

Alkaline button batteries: LR44 equivalent to G13, A76, 357, 303, PX76A, PX675A, KA76, V13GA, LR44P, AG13

Silver Oxide button batteries: SR44 equivalent to MS76, EPX76, S76, SP76, KS76, V76PX, RS76, SR44P, SG-13, S15, 11077SOP, B-SR44, 76, 4075

So most of the cameras can use either of the two, LR44 or SR44 or their equivalents. The Silver Oxide will last longer and cost only a bit more.  SR44 batteries are used in lots of laser pointers so they are available and a bit cheaper at times.

Chinon CS and CXII: These take the old mercury batteries that are no longer sold in stores.  The mercury content in the battery, however small, is very dangerous expecially if swallowed by a child or animal.  If you have an old mercury battery PLEASE dispose of it at the many "battery return sites" at Radio Shack, Sears or Walmart.  They dispose of them properly.  The problem is the mercury batteries are 1.35 volts and the "replacements" are 1.5.  That little voltage adjustment could make your negatives underexposed.  Since these cameras are "manual ASA adjustments" you can set a 400 ASA film to 325 to compensate for the over-voltage.  Check the negatives, ask the people at a the photo booth about the negatives and look at the pictures to make sure the new higher voltage battery is working correctly
Please check for Wein replacement zinc-air batteries numbers MRB625, MRB 675 and MRB400.  These photo replacement type only have two air holes, rather then the 7 in standard hearing air replacements.  The hearing-aid batteries need more power over a short time rather then a lower drain over a long time and the two holes allow longer life for the low drain light meters.

You can also purchase a battery adaptor for $20.  This item goes into the battery spot but contains electronics to drop the voltage and uses a standard battery. The adaptor will work for many years and you only have to replace the battery inside the unit, not the whole unit.  Two units are available. Check on my battery page for makers:  camera_batteries.htm

The LR-44 batteries can fit:

NIKON EM; E10; FM; FA; F2; F3; FG; FE; FE2; FM2N; FG20
MINOLTA X-700; XD-11; XG-1; XG-2; XG-7; XG-9; X-370 (all); XG-M; X-570; X-9
PENTAX ME; MV; ME Super; MX; LX; Super Program; Program Plus; P3; P3n; P30t; P-5; K2; KM; KX; K-1000 using 1.5 v cell
RICOH KR-1; KR-5; KR-5 Super; KR-10; KR-10 Super; KR-30sp; XR-P; XR-2; XR-7; XR-10
CHINON CA-4s; CE-3; CE-4; CE-5; CG-5; CM-1; CM-3; CM-4s; CM-5; CM-7; CP-X; LED
SEARS KS-2; KS super; KSsuper II; KS-X super; Auto500
COSINA CS-2; CS-3; CS-M; CT-1a; CT-7; CT-9; CX-1; CX-2
FUJICA AZ-1; 605; STX-1; STX-1n
OLYMPUS OM-10; OM-2; OM-2s; OM-3; OM-3Ti; OM-4Ti; OM-PC; OM-40

The LR-44 will replace these alkaline types: LR44, 357a, A76, V13GA, G13A, L1154, RPX675, D76A, V13GA, PX76A, PX675A, GPA76, 1128MP, 1166A. See your users

The LR-44 will replace these silver-oxide types in many applications: D303, D357, D303/357, EPX76, GS13, 228, 357, 280-62, J,  LR1154, SB-B9, SR1154, SR44, SR44W, SR44H, S76, 541, SP357, V357, 4276, KS76, 280-8, SR76E, 1131SO. See your users manual.

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