Cosina CX-1 / CX-2
Posted 8-19-'02

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Welcome to the exciting world of COSINA. Your new camera is one of a family of professional quality cameras designed with the serious photographer in mind. And the name COSINA is your assurance of superbly crafted optics and outstanding mechanical performance and reliability.


Type: Miniature 35mm, lens shutter, programmed EE Camera.

Film Format: 24mmX36mm

Lens: COSINON f=33mm F=3.5 of 3 groupes and 4 elements (CX-1)

        COSINON f=35mm F=2.8 of 5 groupes and 5 elements (CX-2)

Shutter: Programed automatic shutter, equipped with built-in selftimer (CX-2)

Flash contacts: Hot shoe contacts, "X" sync.1/45 second F2.8~16

Viewfinder: Bright frame (Albada) type equipped with parallax compensation mark, symbol mark for focusing (CX-2), green LED battery check (illuminates when OK) and red warning LED for long shutter speed. (illuminates when shutter speed is over 1/45 sec.), Magnification: 0.5X

Focus adjustment:
Zone focus system.4 symbol marks available in viewfinder.  (CX-2 only) and focusing symbol mark window. Closest shooting distance: 0.9m

Metering system: Programmed EE System with CdS. EE Coupling range: ASA 100 EV2 - EV17 (ASA 100) Film speed range: ASA 25 - 400 (DIN 15-27) Power source: 2 pieces of SR44 type alkaline (or silver oxide) battery

Film transport: rear advance (Knob) type. Arc of travel of advance khob - 360 degrees, exposure counter resets automatically, film rewind with crank system.

Special Features: Auto winder adaptable for optional winder accessory providing film advance up to 1 fps (CX-2 only). CX-11 AUTO FLASH is available.

Dimensions: 103X66X42.5mm

Weight: 225g (without batteries) CX-2,  215g (without batteries) CX-1


(1) Film Advance Knob

(2)  Frame Counter

(3) Shutter Release Button

(4) Wrist Strap Hook Rod

(5) Aperture Lever

(6) Self timer (CX-2)

(7) Hot Shoe

(8) Film Rewind Crank

(9) Film Rewind Knob

(10) Viewfinder

(11) Photosensor Lens

(12) Film Speed Knob

(13) Film Speed Indicator

(14) Focusing Symbol Mark

(15) lens Auto-Cap/Shutter release Lock

(16) Camera lens

(17) Focusing Lever

(18) Film Chamber

(19) Winder Electrical Contacts (CX-2)

(20) Tripod Socket

(21) Battery Compartment Cover

(22) Film Rewind Burton

(23) Winder Coupling (CX-2)

(24) Film advance sprocket

(25) Take-up Spool

(26) Back Cover

(27) Film Pressure Plate

(28) Viewfinder Eyepiece

(29) Hole for the Winder Locating Pin (CX-2)

(30) Film Guide Rail

2. Inserting the Batteries
1. Unlock the Battery Chamber Cover (21) by turning it counterclockwise with a

2. Insert two 1.5V LR44 (A-76) type alkaline (or SR44 TYPE silver oxide) batteries into the battery compartment, with the plus (+) side facing upwards.

3. Replace the Battery Chamber Cover (21) by turning fully clockwise.

4. Note: Clean the batteries with a dry cloth or paper before inserting and thereafter at regular intervals. Make sure that the batteries are inserted correctly, i.e., check polarity. The shutter will operate only with batteries are correctly installed and not exhausted.

3. Battery Testing
1. Test the batteries when
--a new set of batteries has been inserted.
--the camera has not been used for a long period of time
--the camera is being used continuously for many hours.

2. To test the batteries, turn the Lens Auto-Cap/  Shutter Release Lock (15) fully clockwise and depress the Shutter Release Button (3) slightly.

3. If the batteries are in good condition, the green LED located in the upper part of the viewfinder will light up.

4. If the green LED fails to illuminate, the batteries are too weak and need to be replaced or they are incorrectly inserted.

4. Film Loading

To load the camera:

1. Press the shutter release button to clear the camera mechanism.

2. Open the camera back by folding out and lifting up the film rewind crank (8) until the back clicks open.

3. Insert the film cassette into the film chamber (18) then push down the film rewind knob (9) and turn it slightly to lock the cassette in place.

4. Pull film leader across the camera back and insert the end of leader into one of the slots in the film take-up spool (25).

5. With the film rewind crank in the folded out position, rewind the film slightly to remove any slack in the film cassette. Recheck to see that the film remains secured to the take-up spool and that perforations are aligned with the sprocket wheels (24). Fold down rewind crank.

6. Close the camera back cover (26) firmly till it clicks indicating that the cover is locked in the closed position. Advance the film by alternatively winding the Film Advance knob (1) and pressing the Shutter Release button (3) until the frame counter (3) resets between "0" and "2". As the Film Advance knob is wound, the film rewind knob should rotate, indicating that the film is advancing properly. The camera is now ready for the first exposure.

5. Frame Counter

1. The Frame Counter (2) displays the number of exposures made and resets automatically upon opening the Back Cover (26).

2. When the Back Cover (2) is open, the Frame Counter (2) indicates "S" the start of the picture taking process.

3. When a film has been loaded in the manner previously described (see 'Film Loading'), the counter should rest between "0" and "2", indicating that the camera is ready for the first exposure.

4. The counter will advance one mark for every frames used.

5. Only even numbers are shown. The dotted square marks indicate the odd frame numbers.

6. The number 12, 20, 24 and 36 are colored orange to indicate the end of commonly available films.

6. Advancing the Film
1. Make sure the film has been loaded properly.

2. To advance the film, simply rotate the Film Advance knob (1) counter clockwise until it makes one rotation.

3. At the end of a film, the knob may stop before it is fully rotated. Never force

4. Do not attempt to wind on further, but depress the Film Rewind button (22) and rewind the film back into the cassette.

5. For ultimate convenience, the Cosina "Auto-winder CX-W" has been designed to attach to the baseplate of the CX-2, providing continuous film advance up to 1 fps.

7. Film Speed Setting

1. The ASA/DIN Speed of the film is specified on the box or in the instruction sheet packed with the film.

2. Set the Film Speed Indicator (13) to required ASA/DIN setting by turning the Film Speed Knob (12).
Note: Undetended position must not be used.

3. Always check that the film Speed Indicator corresponds with the ASA rating of the film in use.

8. Holding the Camera

1. Rest the camera on your left palm so as to turn the lens focusing lever with fingers.

2. Hold the camera body lightly, with your right fore-finger lightly on the shutter button.

3. Press your left elbow lightly against your body and look into the viewfinder steadying the camera against your face. The right arm should be relaxed while holding the camera.


1. Don't push the Film rewind knob when advance the film.

2. Must be careful not to cover the photosensor lens and the camera lens with your fingers when taking picture.

9. Focusing and Setting the Composition

1. Set the Focusing Symbol Mark (14) by moving the Focusing Lever (17). As symbol marks are visible in viewfinder too, focusing can be set through viewfinder. (CX-2 only)

2. Set the symbol mark according to approximate distance of your subject.

3. Place the subject you want to take within the bright line frame in viewfinder.

4. When taking picture at (0.9m) the subject should not extend beyond the parallax compensation mark.

10. Shooting

For automatic exposure with the Cosina CX-2 sim ply:

1. Set the Aperture Lever s to "Auto"

2. Turn the shutter release lock clockwise

3. Advance the film with the Film Advance knob (or Auto-winder if fitted)

4. Depress the shutter release button 3 slightly. (Green LED is indicates batteries are O.K.).

5. When Red LED is illuminated ( indicating a shutter speed below 1 /30th sec.) the camera should be held very steadily or preferably set up on a tripod. The shutter release button should then be pressed very steadily to avoid camera shake. (To ensure correctly exposed photographs, we recommend the use of the Cosine CX-11 "Auto Flash" whenever the Red LED signal appears).

6. Finally, check very carefully that your subject is properly framed within the viewfinder before releasing the shutter.

11. Self-Timer 
(CX-2) The self-timer delays the firing of the shutter mechanism for approximately 10 seconds, allowing you to include yourself in the photograph when desired. Before activating the self-timer, the camera should be set up on a tripod or solid surface and focused at the appropriate distance. To Activate Self-Timer: 1. Rotate the self-timer lever (6) clockwise as far as it will go. The Self-timer is now "cocked", ready for

12. Rewinding The Film

When the last frame of your film has been exposed:

1). Depress the Film Rewind button (22) on the camera

2). Fold out the Film Rewind crank 48) and turn in the direction of the arrow.

3). When the crank turns (8) freely (without tension ) or "drag", pull up the rewind crank until the camera back clicks

4). Remove the cassette of exposed film out of direct sunlight and replace with fresh film cassette if required.

5). Return rewind crank to original position and close camera back.

13. Flash Photography

The ultra-compact Cosina CX-11 "Auto-Flash" has been specially designed for use with the Cosina CX-2.

1). Slide the CX-11 "Auto-Flash" into the hot shoe I of the CX-2.

2). Move the Aperture Lever I) to the appropriate aperture setting by pushing in the direction of the arrow and moving the lever up or down.

(For full details, see the instruction sheet supplied with the CX-11 "Auto-Flash)

14. Photographing with the Autowinder "CX-W"

The Cosina Autowinder "CX-W" has been specially designed to couple with the Cosine CX-2, allowing automatic wind-on facility up to 1 frame per second.

Attaching the CX-Autowinder:

1). Attach the Autowinder to the base of the CX-2 ensuring that the winder electrical contacts (19), winder Coupling (23) and hole for winder locating pin (29) are properly aligned.

2). Tighten the screw.

3). Set the Autowinder power switch to the "ON" position.

(For full details see the instruction sheet supplied with the CX-Autowinder).