Cosina CW-X autowinder
Posted 8-19-'02

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Description of Parts

(1) Attachment Screw 

(2) Electrical Contact Pins 

(3) Power take off 

(4) Power Switch 

(5) Locating Pin


(6) Action LED

(7) Battery Cover

(8) Tripod Socket 

(9) Rewind Button 

(10) Attachment Screw Lever



Camera: for use with CX-2 model

Winding Time: Approximately 1 second.

Power Supply: Two 1.5V "AA" size penlight batteries. Either alkaline manganese or sealed carbon zinc.

Battery Duration: Over 30, 36-exposure cassettes of film with a fresh set of alkaline manganese batteries.
Over 20, 36-exposure cassettes of film with a fresh set of sealed carbon zinc batteries.

Action LED: Indicates when the motor is running.

Dimensions: 105mm x 24mm x 36mm

Weight: 959 (without batteries)

General Operation

1. Push and slide off the Battery Cover (7) in the direction of the arrow mark.

2. Install a pair of AA size 1.5V batteries according to the mark( --  + ) indicated respectively on the inside of the battery compartments.

3. Replace the Battery Cover (7) as before and turn off the Power Switch (4).

4. Couple the winder to the bottom of the camera body. Engage the winder to the Power take off (3) make sure that the Locating Pin (5) is aligned. Tighten the Attachment Screw (1) into the camera tripod

5. Set the Power Switch (4) to "ON". The winder advances the film after each exposure automatically.

6. The Action LED (6) will light when the motor is running.

7. When you have finished exposing the last frame in your film cassette turn off the power switch. Then push the Rewind Button (9) and rewind the film as described in the instruction sheet of the CX-2 camera. You don't need to remove the winder from camera body when removing film. Note: Set the Power Switch (4) at "OFF" position when the winder is not in use.