Donation Policy - July 2018

To make sure you understand our donation concept correctly, I've written this policy.
Goods/services offered: Donation is a voluntary gift to support my work on or or the new

This include my costs to purchase the manuals, postage, web site costs, and sometimes hardware or software.  You should receive an E-mail  reply to any PayPal or U.S. letter with a "donation".  If with a letter, I must be able to read the E-mail address.  I have many E-mail address that bounce back no matter how I try to spell the address.  

I do not send, print or burn to a CD any copies of the manuals I have posted.  If you happen to inform me you have a problem downloading the manual, and some overseas users have reported problems, I will try to fix the problem or E-mail you the file.  So there is nothing physical I actually ship to anyone.  This is not a business.

I try to support everyone, whether they have donated or not. If you are looking for support, please E-mail me.  I am a one person operation and do not have the ability to spend hours searching for a solution to a specific problem.  I do not take phone calls.  I DO NOT own a lot cameras.  Just a handful.  I do have a room full of instruction manuals though.  I cannot offer help on specific cameras, I never owed them.  If you are having problems with a specific camera make, there are many specific camera forums that are knowledgeable on their specific models can and can't do. (e.g. what lens fits what models)

Using PayPal currently supports U.S. Dollars, Canadian Dollars, European Euros, British Pounds.   The link on the page should bring you directly to  You should see the familiar login and HTTPS (secure site) in the address.  You can send a "donation" to that address.

Even though I use the word donation, like many other software developers or Web Sites who offer their work basically for free, donations are not tax-deductible as we are not an IRS qualified 501c3 organization.

There are a few ways to provide a donation. 
Both links below go to a "secure - HTTPS" PayPal site.

M. Butkus

Or you can use the US post office:

M. Butkus, 29 Lake Ave.,
High Bridge, NJ 08829-1701

Yes, the wife is now assisting me, so there are many pages with links to her PayPal site. 
It all goes to the same place (as the lawyers would say :)

So if you would like to send it to the wife - she sends back nicer "replies".
Yea, I should put her photo on it.
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