This Chinon CM-5 is a very capable camera. This made in Japan SLR, utilizing the Pentax K mount, will make a superior
     back-up body, or a great starter or student camera. Itís manual shutter needs no batteries, and the meter is powered by common 1.5 volt cells (two MS-76). It has Chinonís variant of the Copal square shutter, and as such it seems to flash sync. at 1/60 sec. It has a full range of shutter speeds from 1 sec. to 1/1000 and an ASA range of 25 to 1600. The meter display consists of 3 LEDís at the viewfinder,  indicating over, under, and correct exposure. The body will accept a power winder. (the Chinon PW530 or 600) The action grip on the front is removable and will also hold 2 spare batteries underneath. The self-timer is  tripped by the same lever used to set it, not the shutter button. I have to mention the viewfinder: Itís exceptionally bright and contrasty, with a high eyepoint. In this respect and others, itís easliy got more functionality than a K-1000. You can use all your Pentax 49mm filters on the 50mm f/1.9 lens, a fine performer if not exactly a Pentax SMC! My overall impression is that this is a dependable, well-made, light weight camera with a very crisp, low-impact shutter action and a brilliant viewfinder. About the only compaint I have is the shutter-activated meter display is turned on only when youíve pushed down almost to the point of tripping the shutter.