Chinon CP-6
35mm camera

As you can see this camera is almost identical to the Chinon CP-5 and Sears KSX-P.  This is a dual program camera.  P1 - for shutter speed priority.  P-2 for depth of field priority.  The slide switch on top has been changed from the CP-5/KSX-P to a spot/average meter setting.  The P-1 and P-2 setting were placed on the shutter speed dial.  Everything else is basically the same.  There may be a few features about the sounds used as alarms that may be different. The manual for the CP-5/Sears KSX-P can be used except for the program speed location.  One important new feature of this camera is the automatic ASA setting. It is possible to set the ASA manually (I don't know how) and use the exposure compensation to provide +2 and -2 stops exposure latitude. If you look at the picture of the CP-X back, you will see the sort of contacts in the film chamber I am speaking about.  The spot/average metering allows you to meter a small area in the viewfinder.  There may be a small grayed area in the viewfinder, which is usually the metering coils, if it is like another camera I had with a spot meter.  I do not have a manual for this camera yet so I'm not positive.  Below are some images to show you the camera setting and a listing of the specification that became available.