Chinon CP-X

   Chinon CP-X Program camera. It was made between 1985-1986. When this
   camera was new, it cost $486.00. It has your full auto setting, one program setting as well
   as the manual setting. The display you see inside your viewfinder indicates which mode
   you are in, and if it is "ok" to take a picture at whatever mode or setting you are in.
    It has the DX film sensor & on the side of the body by the lens,
   there are 3 settings which are "ST" (self timer), "AE" & "AEL". The ISO goes from 25
   to 3200. It is set-up to accept a winder.


Note the shutter speeds and the "A" for Auto mode, "P" for single program mode and "L" for lock shutter
The ASA dial is for non DX film. DX film over rides that control.
Not sure how you can over ride to get exposure compensation.


Note the contacts for the DX film contacts by the film chanber. If you have DX film in the ASA dial is disabled


Note the contacts on the bottom for the PW-600 or PW-610 winder.  They are very hard to find.
The older PW-510, 534 or 540 models won't work.