Chinon Genesis II
On-line manual

This Chinon 35mm camera features:
Type: Motorized fully automatic 35 mm AF lens shutter compact camera with Single Lens Reflex viewing system with built-in sensor flash and LCD indications.
Type of film: 35 mm film cartridge.
Film format: 24x36 mm
Lens system: CHINON all glass 35-80 mm F/4.1-6.4 lens with Macro; 8 elements in 7 groups. Macro: Built-in. (Tele macro type)
Viewfinder: Fixed pentaprism type.
Focusing screen: Matte screen with micro prism. VF Magnification: 0.8x (50 mm at infinity). VF coverage: 85% in horizontal and vertical. Dioptric factor: -1.0 dioptor
View Finder indications: Flash symbol LED for flash charging and flash firing, AF LED for AF OK and near distance warning. Finder mirror: Motorized quick return mirror Auto focusing: Motorized infrared active servo AF system. Stepless.
Focus lock: Possible with shutter release button. Cancelable. AF range: 0.85 m (33.5") - Infinity (stepless). Macro range: 0.5 m (19.7")-0.85 m (33.5") in manual focusing. AF mode: Continuous AF for continuous shooting and Single AF for single shooting mode.
Shutter: Motorized electromagnetic program shutter Shutter speed: 1/4 sec. - 1/300 sec.
Shutter release: Focus priority shutter release. Shutter cannot be tripped until focus is completed.
Exposure: Normal program AE and Slow shutter program AE (for Flash kill or Daylight sync mode).
Metering: TTL average metering Photocell: S.P.D. EV range: (Normal program) Wide: EV9.5 - EV17 (ISO 100) Tele: EV10.8 - EV18.3 (ISO 100). (Slow shutter program) Wide: EV6 - EV17 (ISO 100) Tele: EV7.3 - EV18.3 (ISO 100).
ISO speed: DX automatic setting for ISO 25, 50,100, 200, 400, 1000 and 1600. Automatic ISO 25 setting for non-DX films Back Light Compensation: Built-in for +1.5 EV.
Film loading: Automatically loads film and advances to start position when the camera back is closed.
Film advance: Automatic power winder for single and 3 frame sequences at approx. 1 fps.
Film rewinding: Motorized fully automatic film rewinding system with auto rewind start at the end of the film and auto rewind stop upon rewind completion. Mid-roll rewinding of film is possible.
Film counter: Built-in with LCD panel. Multiple exposure: Up to three exposure, on 1 frame is possible.
Shooting mode: Single frame shooting mode and continuous shooting frame sequences at approx. of 1 fps.
Flash system: Flashmatic sensor flash system. Auto recharging: Commences immediately after the flash has been fired. 3 second recycle time. G. No.: 12 (ISO 100) Flash range (ISO 100): Wide: 0.85-4.0 m (2.8'-13.1') Tele Macro: 0.85-2.7 m (1.6'-8.9') Daylight sync.: Possible with built-in switch. Flash override: Possible with built-in switch. Power source: 6 V lithium battery 2CR5.
Battery check: Built-in with LCD indication. The shutter locks at low battery voltage.
Film type window: Built-in.
Tripod screw: Built-in.
Self-timer: Electronically controlled Self-timer with 10 seconds delay, cancelable.
LCD indications: Frame counter/Film transport signal indicator, Picture taking mode indicator, Self-timer indicator, BLC indicator, Multiple Exposure indicator and Battery check.
External strobe: Attachable with optional slave unit.
Strap: Hand or neck strap attachable.
Dimension: 126 (L) x 84 (H) x 119 (W) mm (4.9 x 3.2 x 4.6 )
Weight: 730 9 (25 ounces).