Chinon Genesis III Auto Focus 35mm Zoom SLR Camera

On line manual

Chinon Genesis III Auto Focus 35mm SLR Camera with macro Zoom lens 38-110 mm. This camera has a long list of features: Auto Programmable Zoom. Fully motorized film transport. IR assisted Auto
Focusing System. Multiple function LCD panel. Electromagnetic vertical focal plane shutter. FIVE (5)
Exposure modes: Normal, Action, Creative, Slow Sync, and Flash Program. DX film speed sensing, Auto film load, advance, and rewind.
THREE (3) Zoom modes: manual, tele, and programmed. Automatic shutoff. Single and continuous shooting modes. Retracting flash with fill-in mode. Unlimited multiple exposure capability. 10 Second Self Timer. And more!

The LCD shows: photographic mode, frame counter, film transport, battery indication, continuous mode,
multiple exposure, zooming mode, and the self timer.