A Ricoh GR1 ultra slim, 35mm, autofocusing point and shoot camera. Central to its premium status is a 28mm
f/2.8 (7 elements, 4 groups) multi-coated, aspherical glass, high resolution lens.  These are no longer officially imported to the states, but Ricoh is continuing to repair them in the USA. This current production model camera has a cult following from photographers who want a premium quality wide angle point and shoot camera in an ultra compact design. It is chock full of features, including:

As reviewed in Popular Photography (June 1998), the resolution of this lens is as follows (lines per mm):

     f/2.8 = 64 center / 45 corner

     f/4 = 81 center / 45 corner

     f/5.6 = 91 center / 51 corner

     f/8 = 81 center / 51 corner

     f/11 = 72 center / 51 corner

     f/16 = 64 center /41 corner

     f/22 = 51 center / 36 corner

The British magazine Practical Photography gave the GR1 a ten star rating - the highest for point and shoot
cameras! For lots of additional information, see Serious Point & Shoot Photography and the Ricoh GR1 camera.

Comes with a CR2 lithium battery, an original wrist strap and an original Ricoh leather belt case plus the box.
Only 7.5 oz., plus 1 oz. instructions.