Ricoh Auto Half
half-frame 35mm
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Ricoh Auto Half E (1964) This slightly updated version of the Auto Half came to be used in a number of interesting ways.  It still had the same trusty 25mm (f2.8) fixed-focus lens with four elements in three groups.  It still had two shutter speeds.   The speed of 1/125 was used for regular photography while 1/30 was used for flash.  For normal use, the built-in selenium meter -- same square design around the lens -- automatically controlled the aperture setting.  ISO from 25 - 400.  For flash use, the f-stop is set manually with a little f-stop dial on the top of the camera.  This automatically sets the shutter speed to 1/30.   The viewfinder had a special mark to aid in correct exposure settings.  It is a dot right in the middle of the viewfinder which is normally yellowish -- meaning "adequate light".

 If it appears reddish, it means inadequate light -- useflash.  Crude, but very effective. Tripod socket and PC contact on theside. A cold flash shoe was available as an accessory and screwed into thetripod socket. The camera had a built-in spring motor for film advance.  Onewind of the spring advances 25-30 exposures.  Another"improvement" was this model came with various flashy, colorfuldesigns on the faceplate. You can easily tell if you have this model because theshutter release is on the top of the camera. The faceplate of the camera justsays Ricoh Auto Half, but there is a big "E" on the top of the camera.