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Super II
  • 35mm SLR with focal plane shutter
  • full manual control
  • K-mount lens system
  • 1/2000th sec. shutter speed

Full Manual Operation
For those who enjoy the simple pleasures of pure SLR photography and for those who demand the creative freedom of full manual operation. Ricoh presents the KR-5 SUPER II. Here is a camera that gives you full control over the photographs you take, by letting you make sure all the important creative decisions yourself.

Each step of the camera’s operation is uncomplicated and completely reliable. The centre-weighted, through-the-lens exposure measurement system assures proper exposure settings regardless of which lens or filter you use - simply adjust the aperture or shutter speed until the green LED in the viewfinder lights up. Red viewfinder "+" and "-" LEDs warn against overexposure and underexposure.

1/2000th sec. shutter speed
The KR-5 SUPER II features a fully mechanical shutter design, so shutter operation is dependable at all settings, even if the batteries go dead. Shutter settings range from "B" and one full second to as fast as 1/2000th of a second - the fastest speed available in a manual-only camera. For shutter speeds of 1/125th of a second and longer, electronic flash control is synchronised with shutter release to help eliminate ghost" images. And the standard X-sync hot-shoe contact on top of the housing allows you to choose from a wide variety of electronic flash units for use with the KR-5 SUPER II.

Simple, dependable construction
The straightforward, mechanically oriented operation of the KR SUPER II also makes it ideal for certain types of special photography. Once feature useful for astro- and microphotography is the unique action of the mechanical self-times - the mirror and lens lock up about 10 seconds before the shutter opens, so any vibration has a chance to dampen out completely. Multiple exposures are also possible, by disengaging the sprocket drive with the rewind button before using the manual advance lever. And, of course, full manual control of focus, aperture, shutter and ISO settings gives you unlimited freedom to experiment.

Versatile K-mount lens system
The popular K-mount system used by the KR-5 SUPER II gives you the greatest choice of interchangeable lenses of any 35mm SLR system. An entire family of high-quality Rikenon lenses is available for your selection: wide-angle, normal, telephoto and a complete range of zoom with macro lenses. The K-mount system also enables you to change from one lens to another quickly and easily, so you can take many different kinds of photographs in rapid succession.

Ricoh has vision
Fifty years ago, Ricoh introduced its first 35mm cameras. The idea was to create high-quality cameras everyone could enjoy using. That vision was rewarded again and again. Most recently in the Ricoh Mirai, an innovative camera for a new generation of photographers. And the same kind of dedication to producing superior products has made Ricoh a leader in an impressive range of sophisticated fields. Particularly admired are Ricoh’s office products, including copiers and fax machines which are among the most trusted in the world.

Today, Ricoh is one of the world’s leading office automation equipment makers, and continues to produce a wide variety of superior photographic and related products that are enjoyed by people everywhere. 


Major Specifications : Ricoh KR5 Super II
Type: 35mm SLR with focal plane shutter
Film format and frame size: 35mm film, 24 x 36mm
Lens mount: K-mount
Shutter: Vertically moving, electronically controlled, metal focal plant shutter; variable speeds from 1 to 1/2000 sec., plus B (Bulb)
Self-timer: Mechanical self-timer, approx. 10 sec. duration
Viewfinder: Field of view covers 93% vertically and horizontally. Magnification: 0.86x (with 50mm standard lens)
Viewfinder displays: Green LED indicator: correct exposure; red +/- LED indicators: over/under exposure
Focusing: Horizontal split-image spot
Exposure Meter: TTL full open metering for centre-weighted average metering system
Exposure coupling range: EV5-EV19 (with ISO 100 film 50mm f/2.0 lens)
Film speed range: ISO 25 - 1600
Flash terminal: X synchro contact
Accessory shoe: Hot shoe
Film advance: Single stroke film advance lever with 135° winding angle and 30° stand-off; safety mechanism prevents double-frame advance or double exposure.
Exposure counter: Additive, automatic resetting
Film rewind: Film rewind crank system
Power source: Two SR-44 1.55V silver oxide batteries or two LR-44 1.5V 4www.butkus.org alkaline batteries
Dimensions: 133(w) x 85(h) x 50(d)mm.
Weight: 410g (camera body only)


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