Ricoh XR-10M
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This is a Ricoh XR-10M 35mm camera  The camera's features include: Automatic electronic exposure control, Aperature-priority automatic exposure mode, Shutter priority mode, Shutter speeds 32sec (auto) to 1/2000 sec, multi exposure, AE lock, self-timer, auto bracketing, viewfinder display: AE lock, exposure compensation, shutter speed indicator, long time exposure, overexposure mark, flash ready mark.
Focusing horiz.split-image spot in microprisim band plus full ground field.
Flash: aperture priority AE and manual.
Exposure compensation: +4 to -4 in 1/3 increments.
Film loading: auto load to 1st frame setting.
Film advance: Auto with single and continuous modes.
Film rewind: Auto reverse. Manual is possible.
LCD display: film loaded, film taken up, exposure counter, film rewinding, film rewind complete, exposure compensation symbol, shutter speed, film advance mode, battery indication,multi exposure.
The camera uses four AA batteries.