Sears KS-2

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A full manual is available at my camera manual page.

This is a aperture priority camera made by Ricoh for Sears, and similar to the Ricoh XR-10 but having additional features like multiple exposure mode and depth of field preview. You set the aperture (F-stop) and the camera chooses the shutter speed automatically, or you can use the manual override and choose your own shutter speed and aperture, based on the light meter seen in the viewfinder.  Shutter speeds are from 16 seconds to 1/1000, Bulb, Auto (shutter) and Lock.  A self timer button is by the ASA dial and it has exposure compensation.  The little button by the shutter speed dial is the unlock when it is placed in Auto mode.  The flash sync speed is 1/125 and it can be set by the special Ricoh or Sears flash with the extra flash contact.  This can take a simple motor drive by Sears or Ricoh