Sears KS Super II
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The camera is totally automatic, no Program functions, no shutter speeds you can choose.
The user can choose the lens opening, and the camera chooses the shutter speed on “A” for automatic (1 to 1/500 sec) or “X” if using a flash.   Metering system is adjustable for + or – two stops in 1/3 stop increments and an ASA range of 12 – 3200.  There is a self timer on the camera.  The camera can use a Sears #8025, Vivitar #8028, or Vivitar #8032 dedicated flash if you want the shutter speed dial to stay at “A”.  Any other flash requires using “X”.
There are no manual setting on this camera at all !
Any flash used is attached to the hot shoe on top of the prizm.

The camera will take a Pentax bayonet K, Ka, Ka/r mount but will only work in "A" mode.

Viewfinder indicators for: Overexposure, correct exposure, underexposure, camera-shake warning, and dedicated flash ready.