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Interesting facts about this "door to door" camera by Googling the name and a lawsuit link here



(webmaster: one would have to say this is the "first" autowind camera.  
It also seems to be like the Chinon Belami AF with the flash unit is always on.  The 
rechargeable batteries in this model seem to be very weak.) 

Takes the work out of photography

- makes picture taking fun!

Please read the following hints and procedures which will assure you of taking the best possible pictures.

DO NOT attempt to disassemble your camera. It should be done only by an authorized serviceman.

We suggest that you leave your Fotron "plugged in" to a standard 110 Volt - 115 Volt 50/60 Cycle A.C. outlet. This will insure you of a fully charged camera for that unexpected occasion or trip. The neon light stays on while you Fotron is charging. If you Fotron has not been used or charged for 30 - 45 days:

* Charge overnight (approx 18 hours) You may shoot one magazine of film. No

* Should you intend using more that one snap load magazine of film, we recommend charging your Fotron for 72 hours or longer.

* Should you decide to store your Fotron, you may do so after charging for a minimum of 72 hours.

A simple step-down transformer will be necessary for charging your Fotron in countries whose standard (current) voltage is other than 115 volts. A.C. This transformer my be purchased from Traid for $10.50 plus tax.

A voltage inverter is necessary to charge you Fotron while traveling. When AC Voltage is not available, this unit will permit you to charge your Foton from the cigarette lighter socket in your car.



Here is the correct way of loading your Fotron:

[ ] Place camera face down with the base of the camera towards you.

[ ] Place snap-load magazine over recessed area at the back of the camera.

[ ] Place both thumbs on the Magazine Clamps and pull outwards. The magazine will fall into the recess.

IMPORTANT: Push down the right side of the snap-load first. Then immediately on the left side. Magazine is now locked in place. Don't be alarmed with HUM of film winding to first exposure #10. Camera will stop at this position. The white arrow on top of the camera will tell the number of remaining pictures. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO REMOVE MAGAZINE UNTIL ALL 10 PICTURES ARE TAKEN.

1. Press "INDOOR" or "OUTDOOR" button to turn "ON" your Fotron. Allow sufficient time (about 15 seconds for the indicator lights on either side of the lens to blink at least five times.

2. Check distance between subject and your Fotron to determine the correct distance button. The slots next to the take buttons "CLOSE" and "FAR" indicate the correct distances


In the earlier 3 button models, the, MEDIUM range covers 6 feet to 8 feet indoors and 6 feet to 10 feet outdoors. For best results with these models we recommend that you limit your outdoor exposures for deep shade and night pictures only. For excellent results outdoors use FAR button for subjects from 7 feet to infinity in bright sunlight.


Raise camera to eye level and "frame" subject within red border. Camera must be switched "ON".

In the earlier model 1200 only - In this model, confine your subject to inner square in viewfinder.

Now press the correct "DISTANCE" button and the built in strobe will flash. The camera will snap your picture and automatically advance to the exposure.

IMPORTANT HINT. We suggest that immediately after taking a picture, you depress the "OFF" button. This procedure automatically prevents any additional drain on the battery and will allow you to take more pictures before recharging your Fotron.


* On bright sunny days, your Fotron will take beautiful pictures by pressing the "OUTDOOR" button. You may disregard the blinking lights in front on your camera. (Strobe not required.)

When taking pictures outdoors of people or scenery color will be brighter if the sun is situated behind at the photographer's back so the sun is shining directly on the subject being photographed.

When using your strobe outdoors at night, stay within 15 feet on your subject.


* The Fotron built-in Sunburst strobe will throw light a maximum distance of 15 feet. After you have turned on the camera, wait until the small indicator lights have blinked at least 5 times, before you snap each

* Use indoor setting. Allow sufficient time for lights on either side of lens to blink at least 5 times. Remember you need the built-in strobe to light up your subject. Your Fotron will add that extra sparkle to make that good picture excellent.


Take close-ups of people. Stay within 4 feet to 7 feet of the subject. Have subject in bright clothing or standing near brightly colored objects.


Compose your pictures with a strong | center of interest. Hold camera so I that the composition of your photo graph is more interesting.


To avoid delays in handling and processing your film and reprint orders we recommend that all film orders and reprint orders be made in the green mailing envelopes provided. At all times, please avoid sending monthly payments with film orders.


Often times we fail to recognize the importance of storing color film. The manufacturer recommends storing color film in "Cool, Dry Places."

We recommend storing Fotron Snap. Load Magazines in sealed plastic bags in your refrigerator. By using this method, color film can be safely stored over a long period of

That's it. If you have any questions regarding performance or operation of your Fotron Color Camera, please contact our Customer Relations Department at: TRAID D CORPORATION. 777 FLOWER S. REET, GLENDALE, CALIFORNIA 91201, (213) 247-3000. We'll be happy to serve you.  Now, prepare yourself for the most exciting photography you've ever experienced.


Traid guarantees the Fotron Camera for two years from date of purchase under normal use against defects in material and workmanship and agrees to repair, or at its option to replace, free of charge, the Fotron Camera when returned to Traid. After two years, Traid agrees to make any necessary repairs to the Fotron Camera at its average cost and shipping charges for repairs completed on all cameras.

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