Junk Cameras
Posted 7-17-'09 / 10-11-'14

If the image below looks like your camera, it's JUNK !  

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The photos below are "Junk" cameras.  The top left camera is going for $20, new !  The names are different and are meant to SOUND like Olympus or Canon or Nikon brand name cameras. These are NOT SLR cameras.  The top viewfinder is just a hole, they have some sort of motor in them, but they are not going to last.  They are NOT AF cameras as there is no real lens. The two or three elements that make up the lens are fixed focus and the F5.6 lens focuses from 3 feet to infinity.  So no focus is needed.  Hence they call them "Auto focus - Auto Program" even though there are no electronics in the lens nor the camera !  Photos from a few web sites from these cameras show the very poor quality of the lens.  The flash is a joke.   These are "prize" cameras or "give away" cameras, and calling them a camera in this day and age is a stretch.   You could get a $30 digital camera and get better quality prints.

Click here for PDF manual to a Naikei 1000 x-1 Junk Camera.

Note the lack of parts.  No removable lens, no automation information, the flash has no electric eye.

Note the viewfinder on the side !


Note the camera on the top. 

Benz Gant Helioflex 3000T




Canon S-2000
 (this camera has nothing to do with Canon Inc.)  It's junk. It has a viewfinder on the side.  It's not an SLR at all.  There is no focus nor shutter speed because they are set.


A Nikkel DL-9000   Junk !
Was going for $60 on Ebay 8-'12

Another junk, no SLR, same flash, same junk. $39. on E-Bay

On E-bay 3-2014.. starting at $6.
I guess this is suppose to look like the old Yashica cameras ?
Someone sent me a manual !
EXCEL EX2000AF on Ebay
It's not AF, fixed lens.. junk !

Olympia DL2000 with Deluxe Flash... doubt it.  Fake shutter dial, dual viewfinder, from top or side. Not through non existing SLR top, just plastic straight through lenses.  Note the flash is the same type as the others.  Bracket with wire to side connector.  Don't even think the flash is connected to any automation in the camera.
Check out the lens on the EXCEL EX2000AF.   It's a F/6
It even states Auto FIXED Focus !