Lord 35 IV B
posted 10-25-03

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- "HIGHKOR" K  40 mm f/2.8 LENS

"HIGHKOR" LENS is designed for miniature negatives which are to be enlarged to huge proportions and yet are to retain in the completeness of the minutest detail. They are coated to reduce surface and internal reflections.

" SEIKOSHA MX " SHUTTER possesses shutter speed ranging from B. 1 to 1/500 sec., for all kind of bulbs and electronic flash units.4www.butkus.org

Single-window Range finder-viewfinder Coupled with Lens--can be operated by'' short movement of the helicoil cold lever; by only 1/7 rotation of the helicoid, it covers range of distance from 2.5 feet to infinity. The bright circle in the center of the |viewfinder field is the rangefinder or measuring field With the lens set at infinity nearer objects will/have double images. By/turning , the helicoid lever the images can be made to coincide. After focusing, the exact distance from the object to be photographer may be found by reading against,/= mark of the depth of fields.4www.butkus.org

Single-window Rangefinder-viewfinder --is bright and comparatively clear. Visual image magnification is 0.7 X respectively and be suitable to eyesight.

The Winding Lever is wound up by two right angle

This action cocks the shutter and simultaneously transports one frame of the film for the next exposure. By operating the winding lever twice, the release button jumps up and winding is stopped. A red line around the release button indicates clearly that Camera is ready for exposure.

The New Lord 35 is your answer The most brilliant

results can be had by simple handing of the Lord 35 camera. The Lord candid snap shot camera is the long cherished dream of the expert photographers come true. The bright Single-window Rangefinder-viewfinder and Body Release Shutter all makes so rationally for a super simple and speedy camera.  Especially, Mid-distance click assures you with a quicker start than any other camera. Lord s Rewind Device is another of its special features.

Rapid Film Rewinding Knob in Crank-type. Available Inverted Exposure Counter. Rational Automatic Film Stop Device.


Film Rewinding Knob in Crank-type--can rewind the exposed film so rapidly.

Inverted Exposure Counter--indicates how many more pictures you can take. It shows the desired exposure number on the film counter by turning the film counter knob.4www.butkus.org

Automatic Film Stop and Double-exposure Prevention Device - will never release shutter unless the Winding Lever is wound up by two right angle swings. A red line around the release button indicates clearly that Camera is ready for next exposure.

Click Stop for Middle Distance Shot--- enables photographers to take snapshots of middle -distant objects from 6 ft. to 15 ft. at aperture of f/8 without focusing.

Multiple -exposures-- ore made by pressing in the rewind button. Then, without advancing the film, the release button will operate and the shutter can be charged.4www.butkus.org