Mamiya NC1000s

Parts of the NC1000s
 basically the same camera as the 1000 but has a removable focusing screen

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Mamiya NC P adapter instructions


1. Exposure Counter

2. Meter OF F Button

3. Film Advance Lever

4. Shutter Release Button

5. Hot-Shoe with Safety Cover

6. Film Plane Reference Mark

7. Film Rewind Knob and Back Cover Release

8. Battery Check Lamp

9. Neck Strap Eyelet

10. Self-Timer Lever

11. Self Timer Activating Button

12 Lens Release Button

13. Depth of Field Preview Button



14. ASA/DIN Windows

15. Film Memo Pocket

16. Shutter Speed Ring Flange

17. Shutter Speed

18. Film Speed Ring Knob

19. Film Speed Ring Lock Button



20. Alignment Dot for Lens Mounting (body


22. Focusing Screen Frame Latch

24. Alignment Dot for Lens Mounting (lens'

25. Aperture Ring

26. Depth-of-Field Scale and Central Index Mark (orange)

27. Focusing Ring

28. AE Button

29. Battery Check Button


30. Film Chamber

31. Viewfinder Eyepiece

32. Focal Plane

33. Sprockets

34. Film Take up spool

35. Back Cover

36. Film Pressure Plate

37. Tripod Socket

38. Battery Compartment Cover

39. Rewind Button

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