Mamiya ZE
Posted 7-23-'04

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<<<< Additional information not in the manual:
I just wanted to point out that not all Mamiya M42 lenses are safe to use with the P adapter for the Auto-XTL. If you attempt to use the SX type lenses with the Auto-XTL P adapter, the aperture sensing pin will dig into the P adapter face since it is not perfectly flush with the outer surface edge of the SX lense. Furthermore, since the entire moving surface of the aperture ring of the SX lense comes to rest against the P adapter face, it will lock down the aperture control of the lense and make it impossible to turn, therefore preventing SX lens f-stop manipulation. Mamiya M42 AUTO lenses seem to be safe choices as are M42 Yashica-Yashinon, M42 Meyer-Optik and M42 Zeiss MC Sonnar (S) lenses. Any aperture ring that rotates at the extremity of a lens should be avoided. Of course the SX lens works perfectly well with the "ZE" P adapter for Mamiya ZE series lenses which it was designed for. Lenses with Auto and Manual switches like Zeiss MC Sonnar work well with the Auto-XTL P adapter in conjunction with its Auto Aperture pin. Lenses that have no Auto Aperture and only manual control of aperture appear to work equally well like Meyer-Optik Orestor M42. 
Robert A. Genna, Connecticut teacher and photographer, 10-23-04  >>>>>>

Additional info 10-05 >>>

In an added note, I have found that the "ZE" P adapter designed for use with the ZE and ZE-2 Mamiya cameras will not work on the Mamiya ZE-X camera. Most references for the "ZE" P adapter give the perception that it can be used on all ZE series cameras. This is not the case for the ZE-X. If you attempt to use the "ZE" P adapter on the ZE-X camera the adapter will stop cold at the gold dedicated EF camera/lens contacts of the ZE-X and if you force the installation of the "ZE" P adapter onto the ZE-X it will damage those gold contact pins.

I have not seen a reference to this effect in any description of the ZE-X. Furthermore, I have seen no references for the Mamiya ZM camera allowing adapters that permit the use of lenses from the DSX, MSX, DTL and TL series of cameras. The ZM does allow 645 series lenses to be used on "ZE" and "ZE-2" cameras utilizing their "645 adapter ZE". I have however installed the Mamiya "ZE" P adapter to an Auto Mamiya-Sekor 1:1.8 f=55mm M42 mount lens with it's f-stop aperture switch set in manual mode on the Mamiya ZM in auto shutter mode with good operational results.