Why are you paying for manuals from ? 

They steal my film manuals and charge you  !

If you are looking for a FREE Canon Digital manual to download, just click here !  
Why bother going to MANUASLINK and pay them and wait ! !
This is my U.K. friend I have linked, if people want a printed PDF version.

As you see on the above link.. he links me for older film cameras...
These are the same manuals that sends you, where do you think he got them from ? ? ?
It may take a few seconds to get to the Canon Download Page, gotta click the "agree" and download.

Not so happy customers  ! ! !

I must be very good. steals many of my film camera manuals I post for free on my site (Nikon, Canon, Minolta and most likely Pentax) and sells them on their site.


So nice to provide information to thieves !

Oh, by the way.  Most of the digital instruction manuals you buy from that site, are on the manufactures sites !

Digital camera manual links comging soon !

How can you tell I don't steal from them.  I still have every manual I bought off E-bay.

A quick sampling of a few of the thief items.

FYI - I do place my web site name ( ) or Initials in pen, inside the manual before scanning.


For free on my site

Does that tape in the upper left look familiar

Nice fold mark  !

Exact theft !

Same writing upper right

Same writing, upper right

Same crease on the bottom right corner, same dirt spots

Identical creases.. just plain thieves !

I can't give you any of the Pentax examples as they just post a "standard" cover for all of them.  But once a thief, I bet twice a thief.

YES, I have confronted them on this thievery...  they just don't care.

And no, I don't have $20K for a lawyer to try to stop them.. I give my manuals away !