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These are links to on-line camera manuals that I have found on the web.
If you locate any other links for free manuals please inform me

These links are for reference purposes.  I cannot offer any advice to their accuracy or knowledge.

Checked 7-19-'17

My own site at
Chinon, Sears, Ricoh K-mount as well as Fujica and
other "orphan" brands that are hard to find over 2500+ manuals

List of many other camera manuals collected from web sites that closed
over the past 10 years.  You must ask by the specific brand and file name if you want one.

Another page of photographic links I have located

Various camera manuals

Ricoh site in Germany - Nice !

Camera repair - U.K.

Photos of hundreds of unusual / rare cameras

Junk Store Cameras - many links to box and 620 film cameras

Link to another site with camera REPAIR manuals
Just a warning... cameras are VERY difficult to fix and find replacement parts

Camera Repair - Replacement Foam
Old cameras like these need edge seal foam replacement - See this link for help and how to purchase.

Light meter information
Age problems - types

Nice listing of Classic cameras and your not so famous brands
Photos &  technical specs to get it working for you.

Good deal of various cameras including your not so famous brands
Only provides basic information

Site with basic information on cameras

Russian cameras - lots of info

Russian cameras - more info

Pentax info

Kodak Classics
Nice little site with pictures of cameras and info

on old style film format

Don't discount B&H Photo in NYC
They carry older film too

Historic Cameras

Nikon Digital Cameras & Photography

Yahoo selection of unusual camera manuals
different and select camera makes
You must join YAHOO (free) to post
Free to just read

Classic camera museum

Hard to find parts, repair ideas, fix-it site

Henrys Camera
Listing of camera manuals for Canon, Kodak, Nikon, Sony, Minolta,
Fuji, Minox, Mamiya, and Canon "point and shoot and 35mm cameras.
Many just links from the original company site.

Photography Review
The site states, get free on-line manuals here


Konica web site 
(they are now Konica/Minolta)

Contax Web site

Praktica - Every model ever made and specs

Link to older model cameras
- Australia
w/links to other old camera sites


List of 100+ on-line manuals for
Classic Cameras. Some from other sites



Ricoh Auto 66

Mike's Camera - camera parts for repair

Kodak camera site




Another Praktica site

Older Voigtlander and 8mm movie camera manuals

Large format (8X10)

Russian brands

Photos (in French, use Google to translate) of many camera brands

Stereo Cameras site - cameras, printing, sales

Stereo camera forum - Steve's Forum

Huge listing of camera links, parts, batteries