Ricoh L 108
Time / Date imprinter
posted 8-10-'03

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Setting the time/date Resetting the time/date Battery replacement

(1) Display panel

(2) Month indication

(3) Imprint mark

(4) Mode selector button

(5) Selector

(6) Set button


Imprinting mode

Examples of date imprinting

(1)1989 July 21st

(2) 21st 15:59

(3) No imprinting

(4) July 21st, 1989

(5) 21st July, 1989


Nomenclature of the date imprinting feature

The date imprinting mode can be divided into 5 types; date, time, and no imp printing.

Selecting imprinting mode
Each time the Mode selector button is pressed, the display changes as shown below.

(1) Date (Year/month/day)

(2) Time (Day/hour/minute)

(3) No imprinting

(4) Date (Month/day/year)

(5) Date (Day/month/year)

Checking imprinting
After shooting, the imprint mark-- flickers in the display panel for a few seconds" coeds for correct imprinting. The mark and the letter "M" are not imp printed on the picture.

Resetting the date and time - Resetting the time/date

(1) Each time the Selector button is pressed, the flashing digits change in the order of year, month, day, hour, minute and colon (:).

(2) When the digits to be reset flash, press the Set button until the desired digits appear When the Set button is kept pressed, the digits change rapidly.

Accurately setting seconds
(1) Press the Mode selector button for Time display mode.

(2) Press the Selector button so that the colon (:) flickers.

(3) Press the Set button according to the radio or telephone time signal. The time count starts from 0 seconds.

· It is recommended that the second digits be adjusted after adjusting the minute digits.


Battery Replacement - Battery replacement images

(1) Open the back cover

(2) Remove the screw from the date feature battery compartment cover with a small (+) screwdriver

(3) Remove the battery compartment cover holding the roller section.

(4) Insert the screwdriver tip into the slot on the side of the battery, and lift up the battery.

(5) Load the new battery with the side marked (+) facing upwards. Then, close the battery compartment cover using the (+) screwdriver. (Use lithium battery CR2025. The service life is about 3 years )

· When the battery is exhausted, the imprinted digits become faint. At that time, replace the battery.

· Do not open the date battery compartment lid except when replacing the battery.

· Keep the battery out of reach of children. If a child swallows the battery, contact your doctor immediately