Rolleiflex / Rolleicord Parts

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On-line camera repair / service manual
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My site has 2500+ free instruction manuals, this is a service / parts manual.  These are original books, so the scans are excellent, not from a photocopy.
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scanned at 400DPI and at 140 percent enlargement.  Any decent printer provides a copy as good as the original. 
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Caution: I cannot give out advice on disassembling your camera.  YOU MUST HAVE ADOBE 10X or higher to open these files.  There are specific tools required in disassembling a camera, it is not for the light of heart.  Plus the age of these cameras are from 1950's and nuts and screws can be rusted for good.  These are exploded PARTS charts only.  No directions are given, expect the 1978 book.

I hear that the Rollieflex T is something not to be messed with. 
 Any camera repair requires lots of talent and special tools.
I provide these just as a reference, I don't expect you to repair your
own camera with these instructions.

Below are some scanned areas of the books.  Plus these parts / service manuals are scanned at 140% and can be enlarged on the screen.
 If you would like to check the quality of my scans, click here.  This is a 300% enlargment of a section.
The above link is a page from one of the Rolleicord exploded views and will check that you can open the file that you would receive.

Rolleicord III

Rolleicord IV

Rolleicord V

Rolleiflex 2.8C

Rolleiflex 2.8D

Rolleiflex 2.8E

Rolleiflex 3.5

Rolleiflex - Automat
Synchro - Compur 1952- 53

Rolleiflex - Automat
Serial 1,428,00 - 1,739,999

 Rollieflex 2.8F repair manual
112 pages

Rolleicord II spare parts

Rolleiflex / Rolleicord camera repair
17 pages, 4 photos, from 1978

 Rollieflex D Repair

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