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Cheap but Kool.  I purchased these lights for $19.95 from a Western Auto parts store.  It's a part of Sears, selling their tools, batteries and other items.  They are just called "driving lights" in a blister pack. The housing for the lens is all glass.  There is a plastic case holding the lens assembly.  As you can't see in the picture the screws were rusting  I replaced the screws that came with it and replaced them with S/S screws. They are hard to find so bring one.  These driving lights have 55W bulbs with a yellowish reflector.  These light are very directional and give off a bright yellowish light.  I also purchased a relay kit from Western Auto ($8) with wiring and all.  Radio Shack wanted $7. for just the relay.  I wired them differently from the enclosed instructions by taping the battery directly for the power for the driving lights.  I took the power to run the relay from the high beam wire going to the car's headlight then finding a ground connection to hook the other end. When the headlights are on high, power will go to the relay then ground, closing the contact. The other wire from the relay switch goes to the lights.  When the high beams power goes to the relay solenoid closing the switch.  The switch get power from the battery to the driving lights, then to ground.  I brought the ground wire for the solenoid inside the car for it's ground connection.  Someday I will add a switch to the ground.  I'll be able to turn on the highs and not the driving lights by disabling it's ground connection.  I soldered all the connections and placed electronic no-rust in the connection joints of the push-in electrical  connections.  This is the area I mounted the lights.  I just bolted the metal hanging bracket to the plastic bumper.  Cheap, but nice.