STAKE: Stop Tobacco Access to Kids Enforcement act

Eliminating the Sale of Tobacco to Kids

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Eliminating the Sale of Tobacco to Kids

Tips for Owners/Managers

an example of a community action intervention in California

How and what to order:

J281 Adhesive STAKE Act Sign: Signs which comply with the STAKE Act may be attached with either the adhesive backing or with clear tape. These signs must be clearly posted at each sales counter and on each vending machine where tobacco products are sold.

J282 STAKE Act Brochure

An easy-to-read summary of the STAKE Act to help businesses comply with the law.

J283 STAKE Act Information.Kit

Includes: Brochure; Sign; Tips for Owners, Managers and Clerks; "Summary of Tobacco Laws Controlling Tobacco Sales and Distribution to Minors;" Fact sheet on "Stopping Tobacco Sales to Kids;" Resource Lists; and an Order Form.

J000 Camera Ready, Color Separations for reprinting of the STAKE Act Sign

Ship these materials to:

Contact Name __________
Organization __________
Shipping Address _________
City __________
State _________ zip ____
Phone _________

Mail or fax your order to:
TECC/ETR Associates
P.O. Box 1830
Santa Cruz, CA 95061-1830
FAX (408) 438-3618

Service Charge (Outside CA) Orders less than $1,000 add 3%; Orders over $1,000 add only $30.00

State Tax (CA residents only)

Tobacco Education Clearinghouse of California
California Department of Health Services, Tobacco Control Section.

Califormia Department of Health Services, Tobacco Control Section
Post Office Box 942732
Sacramento, CA 94234-7320