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More than 80% of New Jerseyans are nonsmokers. The Surgeon General and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency have concluded that tobacco smoke pollution causes disease, including cancer and heart disease, in nonsmokers. It's good business to provide a pleasant environment but foolish to overlook tobacco smoke pollution, which assaults customers with every breath.

Ask your legislators in Trenton to make all restaurants smoke free.

Restaurants are required to be sanitary and safe. Of course they should be smoke free. This is not a pipe dream. Almost 100 cities and counties in eight states, including Los Angeles, with 7,000 restaurants, and Wake County in North Carolina, a major tobacco growing state, plus the state of Vermont, have laws requiring restaurants to be entirely smoke free. (These laws are being passed at the rate of one a week.) New Jersey's restaurant law is the weakest in the nation.

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