Trenton State College
1971 - 1976
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The following photographs were taken during my "5 year plan" at Trenton State College (AKA "The College of NJ").  I was the photoeditor, photographer, film developer and picture printer for a couple of years.  I worked as one of the photographers at the Newspaper (Signal) and the Yearbook (Seal) all during my 1971 - 1976 college years.  There were not too many people willing to take their time to go to events.  After the event, you had to tread into the darkroom for an hour or more to develop then print a few of the pictures.  I usually had my camera on me at all times since you got free film for working, even if it was "bulk roll". I was one of the few students that stayed on campus during the weekends, along with my Newspaper/Yearbook friends.  The campus had a serious "suitcase college" problem.  By 4PM on Friday, the campus was mostly empty.  I lived off campus my first half year.  Then the Wolf Tower opened in Jan. '72 and I was able to get a room on campus allowing me to stay around the campus later at night.

Some time in the early spring of '76 I was able to show off my photos at the library.  This required me to print many of my photos I liked as 8"x10" or 11"X14" size.  These photos are in this collection.  Some of the photos here are pictures I took that made it into the yearbook (TSC Seal).  Some photos now have some damage like tears, stains or missing parts that were stuck to other photos piled in a box for 30+ years.  I can't do much about that now.
A real old shot of me (in front and with hair) and Stu, who became my brother-in-law.  My trusty Mamiya 500 DTL and 500mm Spiratone mirror lens.  My most trusted Vivitar 70-210mm zoom must be back at my room.  Sill have the camera and lenses, but not the hair.  I hate to say it, I had that jacket up to a few years ago.  I still have my fringe jacket !  The wife keeps asking about getting rid of that one.

During these years I remember the rain, and it rained a lot one year.  The construction, then the rain, then the mud.  Then even more construction.

I hope you enjoy these and they remind you of some of the days, hopefully happy ones, at TSC.   I will try to "tell the story" behind some of these photos.  Use your BACK ARROW when looking at the enlargements.  You can also click on the single image to enlarge it as most browsers shrink it to fit the browser screen.

Click here to enlarge - Some of the photographers on the Seal and our fancy equipment.  I'm holding my Spotmatic II and Vivitar 70-210mm zoom.

Students - Lots of them / Sports (my version) Dorm Rooms / The SCARE Sleep ? Signs everywhere ! Parking / Night

Click here to enlarge - Construction, it was everywhere.  Making the front of the library look like a moon-scape.

Click here to enlarge - The new Travis - Wolf dorms

Click here to enlarge - The stairwell to one of the buildings.  Just getting fancy.

Click here to enlarge - Looking through the Nursing building to the science building.

Click here to enlarge - One year we rented an airplane, took pictures of the campus.  Just trying a different view.  The water tower is long gone.

  Click here to enlarge - The new Nursing building.  Guess this was '71-'72 ?

Click here to enlarge - Work, work, work.  I had a 70-210mm Vivitar zoom (still have it) and this allowed my to peer into classrooms.

Click here to enlarge - TSC - We never close.  With the parking in the fields, walking to class was our free health plan.

Click here to enlarge - This may have been a photo for the newspaper about "weekends" and the dead campus life after Friday 4PM.  THIS was OUR student center, a trailer.  Even though in 1975 and '76 we were charged for the NEW student center that had yet to open.

  Click to enlarge - The old water tower.  Somehow lettering was placed up there.  What kind of crazies would...

  Click to enlarge - Building the Wolf side.  Must be early '71

  Click to enlarge - Oh yes.  The Trenton Free Bridge, over to Morrisville or New Hope to spend the day.


  Click here to enlarge - One of the concert photos.  When TSC had a concert, they had top name people early in their career.

Click here to enlarge - That is Billy Crystal on the right, in the new PUB during a comedy act.

  Click here to enlarge - If you look close, that's Bruce Springsteen.  He was at TSC in 1973, just before his "TIME / NEWSWEEK cover.  One of the photos of his TSC opening act concert.  Yep, he was just an Opening Act for what's his name.  If you want some interesting early Springeteen shots.  Check out the book "For You Bruce".  This link is to some of the photos in the book.  Look at the bottom, that's my shot at TSC !

Click here to enlarge - The late Harry Chapin graced our stage.

  Click to enlarge - The "Who's" Tommy show.

Click here to enlarge - No concert is fun without concert goers.  You have to remember drinking was at age 18 back then.  Note the Farrah hair.

Click here to enlarge - Waiting for the concert to start.  One get thirsty waiting.

Click here to enlarge - Those days it was BYO.

Click here to enlarge - Or drink while you wait

Click here to enlarge - A fun time in the gym, waiting for the show to start.  One reason I liked working for the Newspaper/Yearbook, free tickets.

Click here to enlarge - Must have been hot those years.  Everyone was thirsty.

Click here to enlarge - Another Kendall Hall concert

Click here to enlarge - FIRE DRILL... now you remember those, every other week !

PUB - Drinking age was 18

  Click here to enlarge - We did have a pub.  Nice for those that stayed on campus.

RAIN - It seemed almost constant

  Click here to enlarge - Water

  Click here to enlarge - More water


  Click here to enlarge - Everyday it seems it rained