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I arrange these Kodak models by the MAIN name.  So all Autographic are grouped, Brownie are grouped, Juniors are grouped, Etc.
So a Kodak No. 2A Folding Pocket Brownie is grouped in the "Kodak Brownie section".
Kodak would put numbers first, Brownie first, Autographic last.  Hopefully this help you find it.
Many of the folding cameras work basically are the same.  Many take 120 film, still available.
If buying 120 film, check the PROCESSING price. Color may be cheaper.
The 620 cameras can take 120 film by trimming the 120 rolls or an adapter (check the internet)
And 616 film cameras can use 120 film by purchasing adapters, search for film spool adapters. (check the internet)
120 film is still around because of the HOLGA cameras used by photo schools.

 Kodak Folding Autographic Brownies -
 1888 U.K.
 Kodak No. 1 Autographic Special
 Kodak No. 1 Autographic  Kodak 1888 instruction manual
 Kodak Autographic 3A Special  Old Kodak self-timer instructions
 Kodak Autographic No. 3A  Kodak Automatic 35R4
 Kodak Autographic 3A - F6.3  Kodak Automatic 35B 
 Kodak Autographic No. 3  Kodak Automatic 35F
 Kodak Autographic Junior  No. 1A  Kodak Bantam
 Kodak Autographic Junior 2-C  Kodak Bantam F/4.5
 .   Kodak Bantam F/6.3 
 Kodak Bantam Flash   Kodak Automatic 35
 Kodak Bantam RF  Kodak 35 F3.5 
 Kodak Bantam Special F2.0   Kodak 35
 Kodak Bantam ColorSnap  Kodak Brownie Ads
 Kodak Brownie Auto 27  Kodak Brownie Flashmite 20
 Kodak Brownie Bullet  Kodak Brownie No. 0
 Kodak Brownie Bullet II   Kodak 1950 Ads 
 Kodak Brownie Super 27  Kodak Brownie No. 2
 Kodak Beau Brownies No. 2 - 2A  Kodak Brownie No. 2 - 2A
 Kodak Brownie Flash SIX-20  Kodak Brownie 3 and 2-A
 Kodak Brownie Holiday Flash  Kodak Brownie Twin 20
 Kodak Brownie Target  Kodak Brownie Specials Six-20 and Six-16
 Kodak Brownie Folding No. 2   Kodak Brownie Six-20 and Six-16 
 Kodak Brownie Starflex - 127   Kodak Brownie Folding Autographic No. 2 - 1923
 Kodak Brownie Reflex  Kodak Brownie Folding Pocket No. 2A - 1911
 Kodak Brownie Reflex 20  Kodak Brownie 620
 Kodak Brownie Starmite II  Kodak Folding Autographic Brownie 2A - 1924
 Kodak Brownie Starmatic II   .
 Kodak Brownie Bull's-Eye  Kodak Folding Cartridge Premo No. 2 / No. 2A
 Kodak Brownie Folding 3 - 3A  Kodak Brownie Hawkeye
 Kodak Brownie movie camera  Kodak and Brownie cameras - 1912 - 1939 - 1940
 Kodak Folding Autographic Brownie 2-C  Kodak Brownie Flashmite 20
 .   Kodak Brownie Starflash 
 Kodak No. 2 Improved Bullet Camera  Kodak Bulls-Eye camera No. 2
 Retina Reflex III - flier  Kodak Bulls-Eye No. 4
 .  Kodak Bicycle Cameras
 Kodak CIRKUT Cameras  Kodak Baby Brownie
 .  Kodak Brownie Six-20 Six-16
  Kodak Cartridge Hawk-Eye No. 2 and
 2A Model B
 Kodak Close Range and View Finder
 Kodak Rainbow Hawk-Eye 2 & 2a Model B .
 Kodak Chevron - 620 film  Kodak Duex
 Kodak Chevron PARTS - SERVICE   Kodak Duaflex 
 Kodak Duo Six-20 Series II  Kodak Duaflex II
 Kodak EKTRA  Kodak Duaflex III
Kodak Graphic No. 0  Kodak Duaflex IV
 Kodak Junior Six-20 and Six-16  .
 Kodak Junior Six-20 and Six-16 III  Kodak Folding Hawkeye No. 2 & 2A Model B
 Kodaks Junior Six-20 and Six-16 II  Kodak Folding Pocket No. 3
 .   Kodak FLEXO No. 2 
 Kodak No. 4A Folding  Kodak Junior Six-20 II
 Kodak Junior 1A  Kodak Jiffy Series II - models six-20 and six-16
 Kodak Jiffy Six-20 Six-16  Kodak
 Kodak Jiffy V.P.  Kodak Hawk-Eye no. 2 Cartridge Camera (model C)
 Kodak A-1 Folding Hawk-eye  Kodak Hawk-Eye Film Pack No. 2 
 Kodak Hawk-Eye No. 2 model C  Rainbow Hawk-Eyes No. 2 & 2a folding  Model B
 Kodak Master Camera - 8X10  Kodak Hawk-Eye No. 2 and 2A
 Kodak Medalist / Kodak Medalist II   Kodak Medalist Acc. Back for I & II 
 Kodak Medalist, Kodak Medalist II PARTS   Kodak Medalist II Service 
 Kodak Motormatic 35  Kodak Medalist accessory back
 Kodak Motormatic 35F  .
 Kodak Motormatic 35R4  .
 .  Kodak 4,5 model 33
 Kodak Monitors Six-20 and six-16  Kodak No. 00 Cartridge Premo
 Kodak Petite Kodak Premo Filmplate Special
 Kodak Recomar No. 18 / 33  Kodak
 Kodak Film Premo  Kodak Premoette Senior
 Kodak Pleaser II Instant Camera   Kodak Film Plate Premo
 Kodak Premoette Junior  Kodak Premo Junior
Kodak Kodak Premo No. 00 Cartridge
 Kodak Premo Junior Model B  Kodak Pony Premo No. 3 and 4
 Kodak Primo No. 1  Kodak Nos. 1A and 3 Series III
 Kodak Cartridge Premo Cameras
 No. 2 and 2-A
 Kodak Premo No. 12
Kodak Premos Six-Three  Kodak Pocket Junior No. 1 & 1A
 Kodak Panoram No. 3A  Kodak Pocket No. 1 and 1A - Series II
 Kodak Panorama Models 1 & 4
 (bad copy - all I have)
 Kodak Pocket 1 and 1A
 Kodak Panoram No. 1   . 
 Kodak Panoram No. 4   Kodak Pocket Special 1 and 1A
 Kodak Panoram No. 1 - No. 4   Kodak Pocket 2C and 3A
Kodak Pony Premos Nos. 6 and 7  Kodak Pony Premos No. 6 & 7
 Kodak Pony Roundup (accessories)  Kodak Pony 135
 Kodak Pony II  Kodak Pony IV
 Kodak Pony 828  Kodak Pony Premo A
  Kodak Pony Premo Sr.
 Kodak Retina Automatic I   Kodak Retinette
 Kodak Retina Automatic II - Bedienungsanleitung  Kodak Retinette IA
 .  Kodak Retinette IB
 Kodak Retina / Instamatic Reflex lenses  Kodak - Die neue Kodak-Rentina und ihr System 
 Kodak Retina IF  Kodak Retina I (German) 
 Kodak Retina I  Kodak Retina II (German) 
 Kodak Retina Ia   Kodak Retina IIa
 Kodak Retina Ib / Kodak Retina IB  Kodak Retina Identification guide (Collector's Guide)
Kodak Retina I BS .
 Kodak Retina II  Kodak Retina Close Range Viewfinder (Retina II & IIa) 
 Retina Reflex III - jpg  Kodak Retina Automatic III
 Retina Reflex III - instructions  Retina Reflex Guide - Reflex / Reflex S
 Kodak Retina IIIc  - HTML  Kodak Retina Guide - 1957
 Kodak Retina IIIc - PDF  Kodak Retina IIc (small c)
 Kodak Retina IIc / Retina IIc  Kodak Junior Six-20 & Six-16 Series III
 Kodak Retina IIc and IIIc booklet  Kodak Camera booklets
 Kodak Retina IIF  Kodak Reflex
 Kodak Retina IIIS  Kodak Reflex II
 Kodak Retina Reflex IV  Kodak Retina IIIC (light meter) 
 Kodak Retina Reflex  / Retina Reflex
 Kodak interchangeable lenses for
 Retina Reflex III, S and IIIS
 Kodak Retina Reflex S  Die neue Kodak Retina
 Kodak Retina S1  Kodak Retina S2
 Kodak Super Six-20   Kodak 66 model II
 Kodak Senior Six-16  .
 Kodak Stereo  Kodak Six-20 old & newer model
 Kodak Stereo flyer  Kodak Six-20 Hawk-Eye Junior
 Kodak Sterling II  Kodak Six-16
 .  Kodak Six-20 Bull's Eye
 Kodak Signet 30   Kodak SIX-15 - 120 film
 Kodak Signet 35  Kodak Tourist 
 Kodak Signet 40  Kodak Tourist II
 Kodak Signet 50  Kodak Vanity
 .   Kodak Vigilant Junior Six-20
 Kodak Signet 80  Kodak Vigilants - 120 film
 Kodak Vest Pocket   . 
 Kodak Vest Pocket Autographic   Kodak Vollenda
 Kodak Vest Pocket Autographic - Special F7.7  Kodak Vollenda 620
 Kodak Vest Pocket Model B   .
 .   Kodak Weno Hawk-Eye No. 2 
 .   . 
 .  Kodak cameras and supplies 1931
 .  Kodak lenses and shutters (1950s)
 Kodak Camera Booklets  Kodak and Kodak Supplies - 1906 to 1928
 Kodak Catalog 1940  .
 Kodak Retina, Retina Reflex, Signet, Pony camera booklet  Kodak - At Home with the Kodaks 1925
 Kodak 1924 camera catalog   Kodak
 Kodak / Eastman Photo Papers  KODAKERY magazine
 .   Kodakery Booklets
 Kodak professional films - '38  Kodak Book of Formulas Prof. Films and Plates - '38
 Kodak Films  Kodak Velox Book - 1919
 Kodak S series S1100XL  Kodak - At home with Kodak - Feb. '24 / Nov. 1925
 Kodak Tank Development - The final convenience  Kodak Film Tank - 1912
 Kodak Instamatic Reflex  Kodak Cine Model B F3.5 lens
 Kodak film camera manuals - Point and Shoot  Kodak Letters- Employee manual on
 writing response letters
 .  Kodak 1950s employment benefits
 Kodak Lantern Slides - making and coloring   Kodak Film and Camera makes - 1964
 Kodak Camera Exhibition 1979 - German Kodaks  Kodak Repair / Service manuals

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