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Rolleiflex Factory to be Liquidated March - 2015

Popular Photo magazine - gone April 2017

BOWENS flash - gone July 2017

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Welcome to my Research Library of 5600+ instruction / user manuals for Chinon, Ricoh, Sears, Fujica, Konica, Kodak, K-mount, Universal Mount, Cosina, Yashica, Zenith,
Praktica and
   other "orphan" cameras

as well as manuals for

Non-Brand Name Cameras

Electronic Flashes and Light Meters

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These pages are dedicated to full text Pentax, Nikon, Canon,
Chinon, Ricoh, Sears, Kodak, Cosina, Fujica, Miranda,
Ansco, Agfa, Konica and other film cameras, flashes, winders, data backs,
manuals and all the images from these instruction manuals.

I have no connection to any camera company. 
This library of information is only here for your information.

These web site contains no information on Digital Cameras
I do keep many digital camera manuals  !

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