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I stopped collecting images in 2001

This page contains images of many Chinon, Sears and Ricoh cameras.
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All of these cameras/lenses are screw or K-mount
I will have to say, many thanks to the people that sold their cameras on E-bay.
These picture are copyright by their owners.  My name only placed on image to prevent uses from decepting E-bay buyers by showing better camera.
Many cells have more then one photo.
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Keys: A (Auto Exposure), M (manual metering), +VL (viewfinder lights - 3 LED) +MN (match needle) + FVI (full viewfinder information - actual shutter speed shown -   P (program ability - Requires P-Ka lens)
P2 or P3 (Program with 2 or 3 types of modes), S (screw mount), K (K-mount), Ka (requires "automatic" type lens),
PW (power winder capable), PA (Power Advance - Built In), AF (Auto Focus), L (shutter lock), HSF (high shutter flash -1/125sec), X (flash sync -shutter speed not stated), TTL-F (Through the Lens Flash), TSS (Top Shutter Speed) 5, 1K, 2K (1/500, 1/1000, 1/2000), DF (depth of field preview), RL (Ready Light will see "ready" light in viewfinder with correct flash), SM/A (spot meter and average)

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Chinon SLR 
 front -- top
M, S, TSS-1K
Chinon CEII
front -- top
A, M, S
Much older Chinon model
A, S, TSS-1K M +VL
Chinon Genesis II
Chinon (RevueFlex 4000EE)
Chinon Review 5000ee
Front     Top
Chinon CS
M, S
Chinon CE-II Memotron
A, M, S
Chinon GAF L-CM
M, S
Chinon L-CM
 GAF L-CS Canon Photura 105-
Genesis type

Chinon CP9 35 - 135

Chinon 35 - 135 K mount AF

Chinon GAF L-ES
Chinon (no model #)
Top - - - Bottom
Front -- Top -- Side
Chinon CE-3
Chinon CS-4
Front --- Top
M, S
Chinon CM-5
M, S
Power winder for screw mount, note: sideways contacts
front -- side w/battery
Power winder for K-mount, camera contacts are on front
Chinon CS-4
Chinon CS-4 back, note 3 LED light for metering
Chinon AP 100 ZM
"Point and Shoot"
Chinon PW-530
fits CE models
Chinon CM-7
front -- top
M, K, 
Chinon CG-5
Chinon CG-5
Front - - - Top
Power winder 610: fits 
CE-4,5, CG and CP cameras 600 series has interval timer
Chinon CE-4
Chinon CE-4s
AE, M, W/motor drive
Chinon CE-4
AE, K, PW and flash

Power winder "500" series
for CE-3, CM-1, CM-2, CM-3 cameras: this has  interval "timer" dials

Chinon CE-5
Front ---- Top
A, M, K, TSS-2k, DF, pw, rl
Chinon CA-4
A, K, no manual
Chinon LED
Chinon DSL
Chinon Bellami
called "Barn door" camera
Chinon Bellimi w/ flash
called "Barn Door" camera
Auto focus 50mm for any K-mount: CP cameras have contacts to work this automatically
Chinon CP-5:
Note contacts by upper left for AF lens, one is on left
 Chinon/GAF L-CS
M, S, 
Chinon CP-6

A, M, P2, L, Ka, PW, RL, SP/A

Chinon CX II
Chinon GS-320 flash
Chinon CP-X
Chinon CP-X: Back
note contacts by film
Chinon CP-X: Top
note P, A, lock
Chinon CP-X: bottom
P, A, M, Ka, RL, takes 600 PW
Top - Side- Front - Back
Specs pg.1
AF, P, M, PA
Genesis II
top -- bottom
AF, P, M, PA
Genesis III
AF, P, M, PA
side shot
Genisis Zoomcam
AF, P, M, PA
Chinon CP-7m
Top --- Side
P3, M, Ka, PW-BI, RL
Chinon CP-9AF
front -- back
P3, M, Ka, PA, RL, FVI
AF 35-70mm zoom
standard on CP-9AF
Chinon CP-9AF and all the extras, P3, M, PA, Ka, TTL Flash, 70-210 AF Zoom
70-210AF side

back contacts

for CP-9AF
Chinon Genesis IV
Chinon GS-7
Chinon flash - autoslave M6
Chinon 300mm lens
Chinon GS-9
Chinon CX
Chinon 35 EE

Point and Shoot

Auto GX

Auto GLX

Chinon Auto 386Z

Chinon 35


Chinon 358 RZ

Chinon 35 F-Ma

Ricoh 35 Electronic

Chinon 35 FX-Tm


Chinon 1000XP flash

Canon G III




Sears K-mount cameras
KS means Sears

Sears KS-1 front
Sears KS-1 back
Sears KS-1 top
note A, bulb, L, X
Sears light meter
In the old days before "A"
Sears 2000 - 1000 - 500
Sears KSX
M, A
Sears SL9 Sears TLS 35mm / 
Bell and Howell
Sears KSX front
Sears KSX bottom
note: battery contacts & pw
Sears KSX top
note: A, M, HSF
Sears Tower
Old box camera
Sears KSX super
Sears KSX 1000
K, TSS-1k, 
Sears Auto TSL
Sears KS super II
Sears KSX-P
(CP-5 clone)
Front -- Top -- Bottom
Sears KS-2
Sears TSL 126 size
takes the old 126 cartridge size film
Sears Singlex II
w/Nikon mount
Sears 2000ES
A, M, K
Sears KS super
note: dediated flash contact
Sears KS super top
note: A, B, X, L
Sears old SLR
check out the meter!
front -- top
Sears KS Auto
Sears 500 Mx TLS
Sears KS500
Front ---- Top
Sears TLS
Bottom --- Top
Sears SL11
Sears SL9
Sears 2000 ES

Ricoh K-mount cameras
KR or XR means Ricoh

Ricoh KR-5 super
P, A, M, Ka
Ricoh 30sp
P, A, M, Ka, HSF
Front --- Top
note: only on/off switch
Ricoh XR-P
front --- top
P3, A, M, Ka, HSF, TTL-F
note: on/off & 3 program settings
Ricoh KR-5 super II
viewfinder info
Ricoh KR-5
Ricoh XR-S
Ricoh KR-10X
Ricoh XR-2
Ricoh XR-X
Ricoh XR-X3000
Info on camera, PA, P, FVI
Ricoh XR-10M
Ricoh XR-10
A, M, K
Ricoh XR-Solar

Ricoh Solar ('81)

Ricoh Auto TSL EE
Ricoh Mirai
large download w/specs

Ricoh Mirai 2

Ricoh PG-4 PW
Ricoh KR-10
Ricoh Single Flex II 
Ricoh super Ricohflex
Ricoh Auto 66 TLR
Ricoh Singlex
Nikon mt.
Ricoh TSL 401
Ricoh A-100
Ricoh Singlex TSL
Auto? manual?
Ricoh Singlex TSL
note: 1/1000 and manual on lens
Ricoh Singlex TSL
note: flash contacts on side
Ricoh Singlex TSL
note: age of case
M, S,
Ricoh GR1
Ricoh GR-10
Kit -- Front -- Back
very expensive
Speifications from Ricoh
Ricoh 519

more detailed images

Ricoh Ricohlet
Ricoh XR-6
Ricoh XR-7
Ricoh singlex II
Front --- Top
S, M, HSS, TSS-1k
Ricoh standard winder
Ricoh 260p flash
Front - - - Back
Ricoh Diacord
Ricoh PG-4
 Ricoh SLX 500
Ricoh XR-500
Ricoh KR-10 super
Ricoh XR-S
A, K, HSS, TSS-1k, 
Ricoh XR-240 flash
Ricoh 500 G
Ricoh XR-M
Front -- Back
Ricoh 300P
TTL auto flash
Ricoh TLS Ricoh XR-6 Ricoh 260 flash Ricoh 200 Flash
Ricoh 35 Deluxe Ricoh Six Ricoh Holiday Ricoh TLX Focal 1000
Ricoh XTL Focal 1000 Ricoh 35 rangefinder  Ricoh XR-2000  
Ricoh 35S Ricoh KR-10SE Ricoh KR5sv Ricolet

Ricoh Point and Shoot

Ricoh Myport 330 Super Ricoh TF-500 Ricoh RZ-770 Ricoh RZ-1000
Ricoh AF-5 Ricoh Caddy Ricoh Auto Half

Other Pentax K-mounts and screw mount (M42) cameras

Pentax Spotmatic
M, S
Pentax ZX-7/MZ-7
Pentax ZX-5n
Pentax ZX-10
Pentax ZX-50
Pentax ZX-M
Praktica L
Front ---- Top
M, S
Zenit (Russian)
S, M
Mamiya Sekor cameras
check this page for info.

Revue SC5

Vivitar XV-3
S, M

Cosina CL-1

lloca Rapid B Yashica J RF Yashica Lynx 5000 Ansco Anscoset
AGFA Isolette      
Petri 7 Argus C3 - Brick Universal Buccaneer 35mm Bolsey B2

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